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My mission is to stay fiscally responsible, maintain a low taxation rate, and support “pay-as-you-go” philosophy, as Chilliwack continues to grow.

Harv Westeringh

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As a city, we either move ahead or we fall behind. I love this city, and want to help find the solutions to keep this city the best place to live in. There are some real challenges currently facing us, and if successful in my desire to represent our city as a councillor, I would like to focus on the issues of:

  • Expanding our Local Economy
  • Increasing Affordable Housing
  • Protecting the Agricultural Land Reserve and Supporting our Local Farmers, and
  • Crime and Public Safety

Vision for the City.

My Political Vision

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Expanding Local Economy

Maintain low taxes, support CEPCO, have a “pro business, can-do” attitude, continue to forge solid relationship with our FN neighbours and support revitalization. Read more…

Explore my vision on

Increasing Affordable Housing

Densify urban corridors, provide incentives to build rental and “purpose-build” housing, encourage carriage homes and suites, and maintain low residential property taxes. Read more…

Explore my vision on

Protecting the ALR and Supporting Our Local Farmers

Support our Ag Advisory Committee, promote local awareness of Ag practices, encourage Ag tourist and education, and support new food processing facilities. Read more…

Explore my vision on

Crime and Public Safety

Continue to get more police at the right time and in the right areas, offer shelter, maintain solid relationships with BC Housing, help and support to those who will accept it. Read more…

Expanding Local Economy
Increasing Affordable Housing
Protecting the ALR and Supporting Our Local Farmers
Crime and Public Safety

This is how other people see me!

“Harv built 5 new homes next to ours. We had some concerns about transition. Harv went around and asked all the neighbors and what concerns they had, discussed it with all of us, and gave us his cell number in case anything went hairy. He does what he says. The project is complete and looks awesome.”

Susan Olynyk

“Harv just built 2 new houses next to our house. Despite initial resistance from the neighborhood, Harv took the time to listen to all our concerns and took action to address them. Our neighborhood is now much better than before this project. I know how Harv operates, and I personally support him in his run for Councillor.”

Chad VanVliet

“As a local dairy farmer, I know that Harv is passionate about farming. I have known Harv since he was a kid, growing up in Greendale on the dairy farm. I know Harv supports a strong, local, agricultural sector. I support Harv in his bid for re-election as city councillor.”

Marty Romeyn

“As a professional in the same industry, I have found Harv to be knowledgeable, attentive, thorough, and responsive.  He wants what is best for the clients and strives for a win/win all the time. He is friendly and genuine. You will do our community a favor, voting for Harv on October 15.”

Catharine Deveau

“Over the past 32 years, I have known Harv as a friend, business partner, and colleague. I have always considered myself fortunate to work with Harv so I could both benefit from his organizational skills and how he deals with the general public and clients. In our business of real estate, we often deal with complex contracts and situations, with people who have opposing goals and viewpoints. Harv has always dealt with everyone with integrity and fairness. I personally endorse him for city councillor.”

John Hofstede

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